To You From Me (Your Dad)


As I proceed to succeed
Relieved from all this grief
What’s needed is for freedom to ring
Continue as you are
My shining star
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You’re Everything


You’re my sweet tea
You’re my caressing dream
You’re my light
A sunshine beam
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Why are we fighting and killing
Over stuff that’s still going to be here when we die?
Why are we starving, homeless and asking for change
Instead of making billions with our million dollar brains?
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Untitled (Elephant)


Have you even seen an elephant at the zoo
Locked up with so many chains it can barely move

It must know that it’s big enough to break those cuffs
But it thinks it’s a failure and that’s why it’s stuck

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Self Portrait

By: VB

I am painting my self ­portrait
For this work I have chosen the colors of silver, gold, and black
The silver stands for the struggle of my life
The gold for my good personality
And the black stands for my lonely nights
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