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Please email us (at to let us know if you have purchased a wish list item so we can look for the delivery and thank you properly. will not alert us.

Donate Paperback Books

Free Minds is grateful for donations of paperback books as supplemental reading for the youth who participate in Book Club & Writing Workshop. As we have limited storage space, we are not able to accept everything; please email us at for the most current specifications, or if you are interested in organizing a book drive.

We have compiled a flyer for those interested in donating books or hosting a book drive.

Free Minds Book Drive Flyer

If you guys could send me those books I’d really be happy because there are no books here. I really am happy for all that you guys did for me at the jail. I could not ever repay you, but I could do something constructive with my life.
– Medhane, Age 18