Thoughts of a Confined Mind

By: DH

As a prisoner I think of what my life would be if my mother didn’t have 5 kids
Just them and no me
Would her life have been any better
If I didn’t live life as her criminal adolescent?

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Poems of A Prisoner


Stuck in the mindset of a convict,
Trying to find a way out.
Prison populations freed daily,
But some never find a way to stay out…

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You never completed
What you knew you always needed
Now you’re stuck lookin’ in life’s eyes
Like it’s the biggest secret
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Changing Ways


No New Year’s resolution for me

No crying decree
No promises, just average changes

Less time stressing

More time working out
Less time talking
More time learning
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Definition of Me


When you look at me, what do you see?
Beware of assessments considering only my periphery
Chameleon-like I transform for the world to visualize

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