Why Do You Lie To Me?


Why do you lie to me?
To make me feel good for the moment?
To have me looking forward to something that’s never coming?
To keep me from asking you questions? Read More

My Heart


My heart is so torn
Like a hand me down
I feel worn
My heart feels punctured
From a thick vine of thorns
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Sing Me A Song


Sing me a song that’s soft for my ears
A melodic one I can share with my peers
Harmonize with my heart and remove all my fears
Your tender words are like hands
So wipe away my tears
The tears of a boy who can’t cry without shame
Or the tears of a man who can’t live without pain
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Sometimes I Cry


My daughter’s smile weighs heavy on my heart
So heavy that I’m sitting here crying in the dark
Repeatedly telling myself, “Twon, you should have tried harder”
“Twon, you should have been a better father”
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By: AH
Dedicated 2 My Moms

Ma, I want to apologize for the weight that my life choices have placed upon u,
more over I want to thank u for burying that weight.
This world has placed a heavy burden upon your shoulders
But u carry that weight like a true soldier
Smiling when the circumstance ask of u to cry
Telling the truth refusing to lie
A Goddess is what I see in u Read More