Self Portrait

By: VB

I am painting my self ­portrait
For this work I have chosen the colors of silver, gold, and black
The silver stands for the struggle of my life
The gold for my good personality
And the black stands for my lonely nights
 The background of my self ­portrait will have a broken heart
because my life has been a big tragedy
In my self portrait, I will be holding a trophy
because I am a winner
In my self ­portrait, I think they will say
that I am powerful, strong and smart
I would like to give my self ­portrait to my brother
because he appreciates the way I have been sticking with him all the time
The title of my self ­portrait will be “The Great of Greatness”


  1. It is very responsible and great of you to have that much love for your brother, even when times are tough. I can relate with that color black, and the lonely nights and it will always get better.

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