To You From Me (Your Dad)


As I proceed to succeed
Relieved from all this grief
What’s needed is for freedom to ring
Continue as you are
My shining star
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Sometimes I Cry


My daughter’s smile weighs heavy on my heart
So heavy that I’m sitting here crying in the dark
Repeatedly telling myself, “Twon, you should have tried harder”
“Twon, you should have been a better father”
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Why Is My Heart So Cold?


Why is my heart so cold?
Is it ‘cause the way the wind blows?
Is it the way the rain pours?
The reason that I can’t feel no more
Or is it ‘cause my mother wasn’t there? Read More

Almost There


Half way to my destination
But don’t know where I’m headed
Two steps back was like hell
So I’ma keep walking til I regret it
A lot of dreams left behind
And I’m mad I can’t obtain them Read More

Free Mindz Rap


Now I know what it’s like to have a Free Mind/
I was lost, blindfolded, to see crime/
One day I’m on the street, to see shine/
Next day I’m in the pen, to see time/
The judge told me, he gave me a second chance/
This is the longest I have ever been in the slam/
Free Mindz is family, family for what I stand/
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